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"A World of Silence"  

The Debut EP by Aria Flame

Ep Release date: October 11, 2014

Digital release date: October 4, 2014




The story of "A World of Silence".


In the winter of 2011 I awoke from a deep sleep and was unable to think of anything but the music playing in my mind.  My former band, Dendura, had dissolved a year before and it was a fertile time for a new project to come to life. 


The exceptionally cold winter broke through my writer's block and was the catalyst allowing an intense period of creativity to bloom.  I was temporarily housebound in a wheelchair, as the result of a major surgery, which allowed me the time I needed to write profusely.  Sometimes my thoughts would be warm and light, while at other times they would shift to a more dark and cold place.  This transitional phase allowed me to evolve in body and spirit.  My current state of transition and evolution gave birth to "A World of Silence" as a concept album inspired by the rising of the phoenix.  Each of us has the ability to adapt and evolve as a human being from our experiences and the album is also a reflection of my personal story. 


The first four songs on the album, My Muse, Realm of Hate, A World of Silence, and My Own Little Hell, were written during my exploration of myself becoming a rising phoenix.  The last two songs, The Lonely Phoenix and Divine World, were written about a newly evolved self rising from the ashes of the past into a new world as the phoenix.


"Aziza's Story," composed by Aziza Poggi and Garnet Scarabin


My Muse (track 1)

I've seen so many faces come and go

Some I remember and some I don't 

You my precious addiction must fade

You're a vampire always haunting me

Though time heals all wounds 

These scars you left me will be renewed

I'll find a way to survive your a fantasy I put in my mind



Your thee walking fire

You made the winter warmer


My prince of darkness

Protecting my shattered life

When all those wolves come to haunt me

And surround me at night

Like a pretty poison you please and then you kill

Protecting me from the vengeful

But destroying my sanity


Chorus X2


My muse you remain my addiction fades away

My muse you remain, my addiction


Don't give in to madness 

Don't give in to madness


You disappear into the shadows

With you it's always the same

You walk instead of facing the sorrow 

Letting your conscious drift away

I too have a history with pain

I live it each and everyday

My Muse you will remain

My addiction has faded away




Realm of Hate   (track 2)

Lay down for a while

Close your eyes my dear child

Let your dreams rid of the pain

When you awake you’ll no longer weep

Weep X2



In this realm of hate

Don’t believe the words he speaks

Who are you X2


I’ve awakened from this slumber

Sprung from the hatred, your desires

Let my dreams guide me to the gate

When I awake I'll no longer hate

Hate X2




Chorus repeat


All this anguish tears at your needs

Showing you his, sick fantasies

Let my dreams take me away

When I awake, I'll no longer be


A World of Silence (track 3)

I’m a broken doll shattered against the wall



Under his black wings I hide

You were once a savior of mine

I can’t live in silence survive

The darkness fills my thoughts, with lies


Oooh X2

I’m tormented by my own demons

I drift into another dimension

In this world, my senses are frozen

In this world, I’m immobile




Why did you choose this path for me?

A world filled with uncertainty

Fear destroys my life

Tears at my flesh with its knife, knife



I’m a broken doll destroyed by envy


I can see through your illusions

Trapped inside your house of contortions

Lay me down upon your cloud of lies

It’s all a lie, lie, lie; you’re a demon in disguise

Blind X2


My Own little hell (track 4)

Death is all around me

I feel its presence in the air



Stabbing at my wounds

My blood pours out like a river

My roses are black    

my thorns rips apart my skin


the heavens are crying for me

as hell drags me down

I'm in my own little hell

Living alone, I’m all alone in fear




I feel your wrath

It’s filled with madness


I let go, I’m dying inside

I’m dying inside


My stems are aching

like brittle leaves

that are crumbling, into nothing

I can’t make sense of this

Chaos in deaths grip

I try to run away

But he takes me




The Lonely Phoenix (track 5)

I’m always shifting

From one realm to the next

Looking for the next thing

That makes some kind of sense

Its calling me

Though I never take it

I'll face my enemies

If the world lets me, out of this hell


Trapped between these four walls

I feel my skin burn like fire

Walking down familiar halls

I feel my eyes become darker

I welcomed darkness, to take my pain away

Ill walk the path with you,  if you lead the way



Night after night

I'm greeted with his kiss

My fire ignites, I rise from my own ashes


The mirror shows my agony, it’s filled with sin

I’m in hell, burning slow and you’re there beside me

My own little hell, leaving the shadow

Oh my master, take me away

I give myself to you, I pour out all this hate X2




Here I lay upon my own ashes

I no longer can love the way I once did

A lonely phoenix in an isolated cage

I fly away with no more of this pain

It’s the only way, no one will ever look the same

I rise, I rise, and live another day

All alone, I’m not afraid x4




Divine World (track 6)

The pain I contained, has melted into flames

The fear I once had, has embalmed into ash

My memories fade, only animal instincts remain


My eyes see new things, superior beings

Lonesome by nature, I am my own creator

I fly the night away, rising upon a new day

There’s no room for me on earth

I’ve surpassed my maker



A new entity holds my memories

I drift into a dark place

Into his warm embrace


I’ve opened the door, into another dimension

A place unknown by most

An array of perfection

I am invincible in my new creation

My mind once was blind

Trapped inside my emotions




Embrace X2

Into a darker place

I’m no longer restrained


It’s a tragedy what they did to me

But what did you all expect

Such utter greed all around me

This world is contaminated

Such a tragedy buried within me

Those haunting memories

Of the life I, I once had

What’s this you want from me?


I’m drawn to the unforeseen

Into the darkest places

I walk towards his black wings

Hypnotized by his presence

I rise from the burning flames

Into a new existence

I'm no longer contained

From my past convictions






Aria Flame is:

Aziza Poggi - Vocals

Erik Sales- Drums

Daniel Cruzan - Guitars and keyboards


Mixed and mastered at OTB by Neil Kernon for Auslander

Art design by Helcanen

Band photo by Lori Ann Thwing

Produced and recorded at

Underground Studios by Greg Cloon




Special thank you credits:  Aria Flame would collectively like to thank Neil Kernon, Alicia Menninga, Paul Stein, Cassidy Rae Warner, Helcanen, Jester King, Dr. Stephen Barton and Lori Thwing for this album would not be possible; without your help.  Thank you for your undying support: Eve's Apple, Sonic Cathedral, Joop De Rooij,  Justin Lee Dixon,  Chris Feldt, Jasin Ortiz, Al Brede, Terry Cruzan, Missy Cloon, Garnet Scarabin, Melissa Ferlaak,  Grace Meridan, Karolina Pacan of Skeptical Minds, Sabrina Cruz of Seven Kingdoms, Kassandra Novell,  Joop De Rooij, Chris Webster, Lance Graham, Don Schwartz, Christine Fritz, Beth Ocelnik, Tammy Hunt and  all our fans, supporters, sponsors and the world for inspiration.


Aziza would like to thank: " My Muse"  who helped inspire this project and for always rooting for me, my friend and music partner Alicia Menninga as you will always be my music mate (without you, this album wouldnt of happened),  Jester King for your enormous support and help on the video, with the band and for fixing up all my  grammar on my lyrics. I will forever cherish what you have done, my family and especially my mother Sue who has always believed I had a voice, Neil Kernon for always being there to help, my band mates Dan, Greg and Erik, and Chris Webster in my other project Scarab's Empire, Justin Lee Dixon for your awesome work on the "Divine World" video,   Val for your amazing art, MFVF,  Al Brede for always being supportive and helpful, Chris Feldt for getting us a website,  Dr Steven Barton, Diane Penning Koperski, Dale Schriemer, and Melissa Ferlaak for helping me become the singer I am today, Lori Thwing for your beautiful photos and friendship, Garnet Scarabin for your support, friendship and grammar help, Jack Williams, Mike Markle, and  all my Eve's Apple sisters, Grace Meridan, Kassandra Novell,  Sabrina Cruz and Joop De Rooij  for sharing the stage with us, and every fan and supporter. Without you, we have nothing.



Greg would like to thank: My wife Missey who continues to support my musical endeavors and for understanding my passion;  my boys for simply being boys and keeping me young;  My Grandmother who was the first to support my musical interests buying me my first bass guitar and amplifier and my parents for letting me take over the basement all those years; My dearest Aria Flame band mates, Aziza, Erik, & Dan, you guys (and gal) are amazing and inspirational, I am fortunate to have found such a quality group of musicians to work with; All the musicians I have played with over the years for helping me advance and grow while working with you; Everyone listed in Aria Flame’s collective thanks… again… for all the special little things you have done individually making one big collective contribution;  Lastly, everyone who has supported us by coming to shows, bringing us to your friends, buying our merchandise, wearing our shirts, buying our music…  I look forward to seeing you all in the years to come… thank-you for making this possible.


Erik would like to thank: Music lovers who find joy in new music, and those who have supported us.  Also, my fellow musicians who tirelessly speak a language of emotion to the world, mostly because it's just who they are. My appreciation goes out to the Eve's Apples who have had the foresight and courage to set a different example of shared effort which sets a new bar for the music business. Neil Kernon gets my gratitude for working with us. Finally, I have to thank my dog, Gotti, for greeting me with a smile when I return home from working on music. Find some enjoyment in what you do because life is short...I hope you're enjoying what we do.


Dan would like to thank: My family who has supported me and my music even when I was a child. Also, all past and future members of the band Nightwish, whose music continues to inspire me and help me though hard times. I would also like to thank my father "Terry Cruzan", (who passed away only a few years ago) who encouraged me to follow music instead of discouraging me like so many other fathers would. Finally I would like to thank our fans. Every band has a starting point, and it would not be possible without our first fans to support us. Thank you for giving us a chance.


Alicia would like to thank: Christopher Feldt for his devotion and support, Regina Grover for her talent and her friendship, and Alice Menninga, for always supporting my dreams and Aziza Poggi for being able to reconnect after Dendura and re-kindle our friendship and musical flame.



Keyboard tracks on “My Own Little Hell”, “My Muse”, and “Divine World” recorded by Alicia Menninga.

Keyboard tracks on “Realm of Hate”, “A World of Silence” and “The Lonely Phoenix” recorded by Daniel Cruzan.


All lyrics written by Poggi. “Divine World” composed by Poggi, co-composed by Cruzan, Cloon, and Sales, “Realm of Hate” and “A World of Silence” written and composed by Poggi, co-composed by Cruzan, Menninga, Cloon, and Sales. “My Muse”, &” The Lonely Phoenix” composed by Paul Stein, Poggi & co- composed by Cassidy Rae Warner. “My Own Little Hell” composed by Warner and co-composed by Stein and Poggi. Copyright 2014, Aria Flame and Aziza World, LLC. All rights reserved.

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